Benefits Of Onsite Jewelry Repair

If you live in a large city, a quick Google search will reveal dozens of options for both jewelry stores and jewelry repair shops. It might be tempting to take your jewelry to a big-name store for repairs, but there are several reasons why you might want to rethink going to a popular jewelry store, and instead, select an independent jeweler or jewelry repair shop. While retail stores are a fine choice for the initial purchase and regular cleanings and inspections, and can usually ship pieces off to a shop for repairs, they are typically not able to complete the repairs onsite.

Personalize Your Love — 5 Ways To Wear Your Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are an important tradition for many couples. But is there a right or a wrong way to wear your wedding rings? Today's brides and grooms have many choices when it comes to how to wear their rings. Here are five of the most popular combinations and positions. 1. Stacked, Engagement Ring on Top. While most people know that tradition places the wedding rings on the third finger of the left hand, they may know less about how to stack them.

Are You Honoring Your Deceased Dog?

If your dog passed away only recently, you are more than likely still grieving. After all, dogs become part of the family, don't they? Who can give more unconditional love than a dog gives? Do you know a single other individual who gets as excited to see you as your dog did, even if you were gone for only a few minutes? And, if you got cross with your dog, maybe for something he did, like chewing up a favorite shoe, wasn't he or she totally forgiving even after you had scolded him or her?

Differentiating Men's Wedding Rings From Women's When They Look Similar

Usually, women's wedding rings involve a lot of diamonds, sparkle, and a lot of fancier bands. Yet, what happens when you receive a "matching set" of bands as a gift? Can you tell which band is which? Sometimes you cannot unless you know what tiny details to look for. Here are some easy ways to differentiate men's rings from women's rings in matching sets that were sold or given to you with no indication of which is which.

Keep Your Deceased Husband's Memory Alive With Your Children And Grandchildren

Was your husband cremated at the time of his death? If he passed away recently, you, your children and your grandchildren are certainly going through a very hard time. Of course, you and your children will always remember special times together. However, maybe your grandchildren are so young that as time goes by, your husband will become a vague and distant memory. With that in mind, you are more than likely thinking of ways that you can keep your deceased husband's memory alive with your children and your grandchildren.