Commission A Jeweler And BYO Gems For A Wonderful Result

Going to a retail jeweler is without doubt the most common way to buy gemstone jewelry, but what if you have a personalized or unique design in mind? This article gives you some tips on how to buy the precise gemstones you are looking for, and how to choose a professional jeweler to create exactly the piece that you've pictured in your mind. Selecting the Gemstones by Color These suggestions are for choosing cut gems, as buying raw stones and having them cut, unless you are very familiar with gemology, is an unnecessarily complex process.

3 Tips For Earning The Most Money For Your Platinum Scrap

Platinum is a precious metal that is rarer and typically more valuable than gold. It is used in jewelry, technology items, manufacturing, and medical materials. The need for platinum has increased greatly in recent years. This increase has caused the value of platinum to rise accordingly. It is easy to earn money selling platinum scrap at places like http://platinum-scrap-buyer.com, but read on to learn three of the best tips for maximizing your profit!

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Event Name Badges

If you are putting together orientation packets for an event or conference your checklist probably includes a schedule, some background information, a pen and notebook, and a name badge. Before you put it all together and seal the packets, you should take a few minutes to think of the amazing ways you can use name badges to increase the interaction at your event. Name badges don't have to simply identify someone by name.