Three Things That You May Like About Wearing A Choker Necklace

As you browse the necklaces at your local jewelry store, you shouldn't be surprised to find several different styles. One style of necklace that is popular is a choker necklace. While a lot of teenagers wear chokers that they buy from clothing stores or teen accessory stores, you can regularly find higher-end chokers at jewelry stores that are suitable for adults. You'll likely see a wide variety of designs, including some that may appeal to you. If you've never worn this type of jewelry before, here are some things that you may enjoy about wearing it.

It Stays Visible

Some necklaces aren't visible because of the clothing that you're wearing. For example, if you tuck your necklace under a shirt that is cut relatively high, your necklace won't be visible. While some people enjoy wearing their jewelry on top of their shirts, this look doesn't always work well. One thing that you'll enjoy about wearing a choker is that it will stay visible regardless of what shirt you're wearing. When you love the look of your choker, you'll be excited that you can see it whenever you look in a mirror throughout the day.

It Won't Get Caught In Your Clothing

Some longer necklaces can occasionally be problematic because of the way they get caught in clothing. For example, a long necklace can easily loop around the upper buttons of a button-up shirt, prompting you to have to fix this issue a few times a day. If you're wearing a necklace that has pointed or hooked elements, they can occasionally get caught in a wool sweater and pull the wool. You won't face any of these challenges when you wear a choker. Its design keeps it high enough that it won't get caught in your clothing.

It Can Pair Well With Other Necklaces

Wearing two long necklaces at the same time can sometimes be problematic, as the chains can get tangled together and not give you the look that you're going for. Another thing that you'll enjoy about wearing a choker necklace is that it can pair well with other necklaces. Because it stays high up on your throat, it won't get in the way of another necklace that you want to wear with it. You may find a choker necklace in your local jewelry store that complements some necklaces you currently own and decide to buy the former so that you can wear it with other items from your jewelry box.