Three Stylish Stud Earring Shapes

When you picture a pair of stud earrings, there's a good chance that you think of jewelry that is round or square. Stud earrings, whether they feature large diamonds or small synthetic gemstones, often have one of these shapes. While it's useful to have round and square stud earrings in your jewelry box, you may wish to also shop for some other designs. Your local jewelry shop carries stud earrings in all sorts of different shapes, including many that will quickly stand out to people around you. Here are three stylish shapes that you may wish to wear.


You'll commonly see heart-shaped earrings in many different styles, including studs. This design can work well if you want a heart shape but don't want to wear earrings that are overly large. There are lots of different heart-shaped studs on the market. You'll see simple designs that feature gold or silver colors, while others can offer a little more visual appeal with red-colored gemstones. A lot of people enjoy buying these earrings for their loved one as a Valentine's Day gift, but you can certainly shop for a stylish pair of heart-shaped stud earrings for yourself, too.


Another popular stud earring shape features a letter of the alphabet. Jewelry shops carry all sorts of letter studs, so you can find the letter that resonates with you. You may wish to wear studs that feature the first letter of your first name. Or, if you want to buy two pairs of letter-shaped stud earrings and have a mismatched style, you can wear studs in each ear that pay tribute to the names of your children. These earrings can vary in size, so you can decide whether you want a size in which the letters are easy to read from a distance or not.


You can also expect to see lots of moon-shaped stud earrings on the market. Typically, the moon will be in the crescent phase, which gives it a shape that is immediately recognizable. You might like this shape for any number of reasons. If you're the type of person who prefers the nighttime hours to the daytime, moon-shaped earrings might suit you. You might simply enjoy this look because you've always enjoyed looking at the moon in the night sky, too. If you're interested in buying stud earrings in one of these shapes, check out a local jewelry shop.