Tips For Shopping For Jewelry For Children

Many children enjoy wearing jewelry and may seek a pair of dainty earrings or a beautiful charm bracelet from a very young age. If you will be purchasing some jewelry for your own kids or your nieces or nephews, use some specific guidelines to help you choose pieces that will be cherished and easy for them to care for. 

Jewelry Types

Many mainstream jewelry stores feature a line of fine jewelry and fashion jewelry. Jewelry styles are diversified. A jewelry store may feature display cases and racks that have been categorized, based on the type of jewelry that is being featured in and on each one. Classified labels may indicate if pieces have been designed for adults or youth.

Young children may be more inclined to wear items that have a youthful element to them. For instance, chains and rings may feature a butterfly motif or a monogram that uses a simplistic style that is easy to read. More complex pieces can be quite alluring, but could potentially be problematic for a youngster to wear, especially if a clasp is difficult to open or close or if a piece contains many small embellishments that could come loose while a piece of jewelry is being worn.

Kid-Friendly Items And Care Strategies

If anyone on your shopping list already owns jewelry, you can use their current pieces as a gauge when selecting new pieces. You won't want to buy something that is exactly the same as what a child already owns, but you may want to invest in something that is a similar style. For instance, if your niece has her ears pierced and her mom allows her to wear hypoallergenic studs, you could purchase a similarly-sized product that also possesses hypoallergenic properties.

If you will be shopping for a teen, you may want to invest in something that is elegant, yet fashionable. You can keep costs down, by purchasing a necklace or ring that contains gold plating. Gold plating still provides a piece of jewelry with an exquisite look, without being as pricey as a solid gold piece.

Any jewelry that you decide to purchase will need to be carefully preserved and cleaned. Ask the jewelry store clerk who serves you if a professional cleaning service is offered. If not, purchase a liquid jewelry cleaning product and some soft cleaning cloths. Buy some jewelry boxes that the gift items can be stored in.

Visit a local jewelry store to learn more.