Are You Honoring Your Deceased Dog?

If your dog passed away only recently, you are more than likely still grieving. After all, dogs become part of the family, don't they? Who can give more unconditional love than a dog gives? Do you know a single other individual who gets as excited to see you as your dog did, even if you were gone for only a few minutes? And, if you got cross with your dog, maybe for something he did, like chewing up a favorite shoe, wasn't he or she totally forgiving even after you had scolded him or her? It's no wonder that you are wanting to honor your deceased dog. 

Maybe you are looking for ideas on how to honor and remember your dog. From buying a personalized pet memorial necklace to creating a memory book, here are some ideas that might help you.

Buy A Personalized Pet Memorial Necklace - Have you seen pet memorial necklaces before? If so, you already know how lovely they are. There are so many styles that you might have trouble choosing just one. The good thing is that personalized pet necklaces are so affordable that you can select one for each member of your family. Even if you select sterling silver, that will still probably cost less than you anticipated. Of course, you can also buy necklaces that are gold or silver-toned while not being the real thing. 

You might choose a personalized necklace that depicts a picture of your dog, or at least a picture of your dog's breed. Or, you might select something very simple. For example, you might buy a heart necklace that has your dog's name on one side. A locket with a picture of your dog in it would be another good choice.

If you are a man reading this, or if you are shopping for men or boys in your family, think of buying a personalized pet keyring instead of a necklace. 

Create A Memory Book For Your Dog - Think of buying a book where you and others can write down favorite memories of times spent with your beloved dog. For example, you might have close friends that are also going to miss their pal. Ask them to write in the memory book, too. And, if there are children who are too little to write, they can draw a picture of the pet or of them with the pet. 

Add favorite photographs of your beloved dog, too. And, keep the book in a special place that is easy to reach. After all, you'll be looking at it often, just to remember your loving companion. Contact a retailer like The Love Collar for more ideas for how to remember your beloved pet.