Differentiating Men's Wedding Rings From Women's When They Look Similar

Usually, women's wedding rings involve a lot of diamonds, sparkle, and a lot of fancier bands. Yet, what happens when you receive a "matching set" of bands as a gift? Can you tell which band is which? Sometimes you cannot unless you know what tiny details to look for. Here are some easy ways to differentiate men's rings from women's rings in matching sets that were sold or given to you with no indication of which is which. 

Women's Rings Are Usually Smaller in Size

Usually, women have smaller fingers, so their rings are slightly smaller than the men's rings in these sets. If you have a set where the rings are extremely close in size or exactly the same size, a jeweler's ring sizer can help you figure it out. The ring sizer is a long, tapered rod of metal marked with size indicators. You drop the ring onto the rod until it stops falling. Then read the size. If it fits perfectly into the men's sizes etched in one side of the sizer, that is the men's ring. Conversely, if it falls between two of the men's sizes and lands squarely on a woman's size on the opposite side, it is the woman's ring. 

When Size Does Not Help, Look at Details

Even when the matching rings are matched perfectly in size, it helps to look at the tiniest of details. Sometimes a braided edge around the band is more highly polished on the woman's ring. Sometimes the men's ring has a matte finish on the band where the women's ring is a little more glossy. There is almost always some tiny difference that helps you tell a matched ring set apart. 

Do Not Forget to Look Inside the Rings Too

Some ring makers put identifying marks inside the rings. Look inside the bands of your matching set to see if there is something stamped or etched there. A jeweler can use his/her jeweler's monocle to take a really good look for you. If there is a "maker's mark" on the inside bands, the jeweler may be able to look it up and see an old sales photo that will tell you which ring is which. If you finally figure it out, tie a blue or pink ribbon around one of the rings so that you will know whose wedding ring is whose and are not likely to confuse them again.

Although many people think of women's wedding rings as the more intricate, men's wedding rings can still be attractive pieces of jewelry. Remember these tips if you're trying to distinguish between the rings of a set.