Keep Your Deceased Husband's Memory Alive With Your Children And Grandchildren

Was your husband cremated at the time of his death? If he passed away recently, you, your children and your grandchildren are certainly going through a very hard time. Of course, you and your children will always remember special times together. However, maybe your grandchildren are so young that as time goes by, your husband will become a vague and distant memory. With that in mind, you are more than likely thinking of ways that you can keep your deceased husband's memory alive with your children and your grandchildren. 

From buying bullet jewelry to making an anniversary album about your husband, here are some ideas that might help you.

Bullet Necklaces - If you saved the ashes from your husband's cremation, you have probably placed them in an urn or another special receptacle. However, consider placing some of your husband's ashes in bullet necklaces for each of you to keep forever. For the girls in your family, think of buying silver or gold bullet necklaces that have an intricate design. A gold or silver chain will be a perfect accompaniment for the bullet necklace. 

A more masculine design would be a good choice for the men and boys in your family. Choose something like black and silver or black and brass for the design. Or, go with solid brass or silver without the addition of a second metal. A leather braided strip would be perfect for the boy's necklaces. Or, make them into keychains.

No matter the design of the bullet necklace for ashes, think of having your husband's initials engraved on the bullet. 

An Anniversary Album - Have you thought of asking each of your children and grandchildren to write down their thoughts about your husband in a letter form? If not, consider doing so. Ask them to include memories of special times they spent with your husband and of the qualities that endeared him to them. Even the very youngest children can add to the album by drawing pictures. For example, one of your youngest grandchildren might draw a stick figure of a child riding on a grownup's shoulders. That might tug at your heartstrings, right?

Of course, you will also want to write your own letter. In your letter, think about including the times that you and your husband welcomed each of your children and grandchildren into the world. Include funny anecdotes, too.

After you have compiled all of the letters, think of putting them into an album which will be opened on a certain date. That date might be his birthday or the date of his passing away. Consider making copies of the letters so that your children and grandchildren can read them, no matter where they live.