Have Some Broken Jewelry? Get It Fixed By A Professional Instead Of Throwing It Away

Do you have a broken piece of jewelry that means a lot to you? If this piece is valuable in more ways than one, you might want to have it repaired instead of throwing it out or leaving it in your jewelry box for the next several years. While you may think that the piece is no good, there is a very good chance that a professional could examine your jewelry and then come up with the best way to fix it so that you can wear it again.

Replacing the Clasp

It is quite common for a clasp that is attached to a necklace or bracelet to break over time. While not all clasps will break, some become damaged because they are constantly being used. You need to press down on the clasp each time you are putting the jewelry on your body. Basic wear and tear could keep your clasp from closing properly. If it does not close, you cannot wear that beautiful piece of jewelry because there is a chance that it will fall right off. If the clasp is the problem, the jewelry repair specialist could carefully remove the old clasp and find a new one that is made of the same precious metal. The specialist will then work on installing the new clasp, even if it means soldering it into place.

Fixing Prongs and Adding New Stones

If you have a ring with a prong that became damaged at some point, causing the stone to fall out, you are probably unhappy with the way the ring now looks. However, a jewelry specialist could find the perfect stone to put in the empty spot and will then fix the prong, making sure it is adjusted to the point that it is keeping the stone securely in place. Whether it was a diamond or a colorful gemstone, you can find a replacement stone that looks exactly like the one that is missing, so you can still get your ring to look the way that it did before the damage happened.

Although bracelets, rings, necklaces, and other pieces of jewelry are often beautiful and meaningful pieces, they can become damaged at times. Many of these pieces are quite fragile. If you have a piece that is slightly damaged, bring it into a jewelry repair specialist to have it fixed. Just because a stone is missing, or a clasp is broken does not mean you can never use the piece again. A true professional can have the piece fixed for you in no time. Speak with professionals like American Jewelers for more information.