A Pearl Brooch Will Make A Nice Mothers Day Gift

A pearl brooch can be worn on a jacket's lapel or on the upper bodice of a tunic, blouse, or sweater. Because this type of jewelry can be worn during a formal or informal event, it is the perfect gift item to give to your mother this Mother's Day. Choose a brooch and plan to give it to your mother during an outing that you both partake in.

Choose A Pearl Brooch

Take a look at the jewelry that your mother typically wears, or go window shopping with her and throw out some subtle questions to determine the style of jewelry that your loved one prefers. A chunky design, such as one that resembles a flower and that contains white pearls, as well as some that are multi-colored, or in a bird's nest design that contains a few small pearls that resemble eggs are a couple themes that you can look for when selecting a brooch.

Craftsmanship is important, especially if a brooch is rather pricey or if your mother will likely wear the jewelry on a regular basis. Select some jewelry pieces that interest you and inspect the pearls and the manner in which they are mounted.

Ask the jeweler about the quality of the pearls and how they are secured to various pins. Some jewelry designers may glue pearls to the pin part of a brooch, whereas others may use hardware or another anchoring mechanism to secure the baubles.

The pin type is equally important. Choose one that is constructed of durable metal and that has a thin tip so that holes do not form in the garments that the pin is secured to. When you purchase the brooch, you will probably receive a small gift box that the jewelry can be placed in.

Wrap The Gift And Treat Your Mother To An Outing

Purchase a roll of themed gift paper and wrap the box. Buy a Mother's Day card and write a heartfelt message inside of it. Plan on treating your loved one to brunch and a shopping trip. Conceal the gift and card inside of your jacket's pocket.

After arriving at a restaurant and ordering food from the menu, remove the gift from your pocket. Your mother will probably wish to secure the brooch to her shirt, dress, or jacket. After the two of you have finished eating, take your loved one to a local shopping mall and invite her to pick out a new outfit that will complement the brooch. 

By gifting your mother with a gorgeous pearl brooch, you can help to make her Mother's Day that much more special.