The Steps Involved In Custom Designing An Engagement Ring

If you are preparing to pop the question to the love of your life, you may be thinking about customizing a ring. This allows you to provide her with a unique ring that no one else in the world will have. You can also include special details that are meaningful to the two of you, making an already special item even more personal. If you have never undergone the process of designing an engagement ring, you may be wondering what steps are involved in the process. Here are a few of the steps that are involved in designing a custom engagement ring.

Selecting a Designer to Work With

One of the first steps to designing a custom ring is selecting a designer to work with. Always check a designer's references and look at a portfolio of their past work to find a designer who is best suited to design the ring for you.

Picking a Center Stone

When designing a custom engagement ring, one of the first steps you will need to take is to select a center stone. The center stone is what the ring will be based around so the size and shape of the stone will set the framework for the ring. Therefore, this needs to be picked before the ring can be designed.

Looking at Rings and Determining What Details You Like

If you do not yet have a vision in your mind as to what you want the ring to look like, a designer will likely show you different rings. From there, you can determine what details you like, what style of ring appeals to you, and what features are must-haves in the ring that is being designed.

Creating a Computer Image of the Ring

The next step in the process will involve creating a computer image of the ring. This will create a multi-dimensional image, allowing you to really see what the ring will look like when complete. Once the details are perfect and you approve the design, this image can begin to take shape and become a ring.

Making Your Ring Come to Life

The last step involved in the process of custom designing an engagement ring is making the ring come to life. Using the computer image and the measurements you provide to the designer, your ring will be made out of the metal and jewels of your choosing. The length of time this takes varies on the designers schedule and the amount of detail, but it is typically not a lengthy process, allowing you to propose to your future life partner when the moment is right.

If you want a ring as unique as your love, you may be looking to design a custom ring. Learning what the process entails will help you better to understand the process.