Ringside Seats: 2017 Engagement Ring Trends You Should Know About

Spring is just around the corner as the calendar inches through the month of February and into March, and with springtime comes thousands upon thousands of spring weddings, from early birds in March to the traditional and popular June brides. But before the wedding must come the engagement ring, and it can be hard to whittle down your list of ring styles, shapes, and colors to find the combination that's the best match for you and your relationship. So if you're looking for a little bit of guidance from this year's latest engagement ring trends, then here's what you need to know.

From Queen to King

Victorian-style rings have been popular for the last several years (due at least in part to the cultural resurgence of Victorian commodities such as Sherlock Holmes and gothic novels), but time waits for no man – and this is true of engagement ring trends as well. This year, rings are moving past Queen Victoria onto her successor, Edward, for historical charm. Edwardian-style rings are intricate and highly glitzy, with tons and tons of diamonds (big and small), platinum, and even colored gems as an accent. These rings are almost always highly feminine in their construction, making them perfect for the bride with more delicate sensibilities (or more delicate hands).


Colored gemstones have been a staple of the last year and a half in engagement ring fashion, but they're taking a step out of the 'accent' box and firmly into a main role in 2017. Dual-stone rings (where there are two main stones, usually side-by-side or on different prongs), especially where one stone is a diamond and the other is a brightly colored stone like an emerald or a sapphire, are incredibly popular this year, adding visual interest and different shapes in order to make a ring as visually interesting as possible.

Stack It Up

If you're thinking that the combination of your engagement ring and your wedding band just isn't tall enough, have no fear – this last trend is right up your alley. Stacks are this year's newest trend, involving three, four, and even five rings stacked on top of each other (fused together to make one chunk of ring) of differing metals, designs, and colors. Originally beloved by more bohemian brides, stacks have broken into the mainstream with their endless options for customization and the promise that, once everything is stacked and ready to go, you'll have a ring that is truly unlike anyone else's. Contact a business such as Elite Jewelry and Loan for more information.